Sunday, July 21, 2013

Burnt, Scorched Earth

These past couple of weeks have been a journey of faith, this journey is not over as it needs to take place every day that I am still on this earth.

This last week was really difficult for me, and I was getting frustrated and discouraged. Friday night in desperation to put a voice to my burdens, I sat down and listed the things that were weighing so heavily on me. I had 13 grievances, and then I ended it in a desperate prayer. Yesterday, I struggled to pull myself out of the dumps, only barely rising above the abyss. Let me tell you how good God is!!! He heard every single one of those pleas for help and today from Sunday School straight through the evening service He answered EVERY single one of those issues.
So, tonight I sat down and wrote down the 13 answers He gave me to EACH one of those issues.
I am so thankful to be in a church where God comes to meet with me and to remind me as I focus on Him that His grace IS sufficient and that He is all that matters.
I am bubbling over with humble thanksgiving for how He cares and loves ME so much that He wants ME to know it.

Thank You, Jesus, I praise You for help, hope, and healing.

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