Sunday, July 7, 2013

Even in the Valley God is good

This Monday as you have read was just not a very good day, I can picture how Winnie the Pooh would say this.
Tuesday was my last day of work before Ted and I were to be on vacation. Ted was dealing with a gnarly issue at work, and I had to tell him that my job was going through a transition that we had not anticipated. I can't divulge much about this, but it is what started me focusing on what faith is all about. This is why God had me reading Hebrews over again slowly and thoughtfully. Hebrews 10-11 still ring through my subconscious as God showed me that it's only "by faith".
Anyway, both of us were just miserable and neither one of us handling these situations very well. I was forcing myself to practice what I preached about faith, and I was grumpy. The forecast for the week was rain, rain, rain... They were saying the ocean would be rain and extreme ozone, and the mountains would be rain and mudslides and dangerous to travelers.

VACATION??? It became a stay-cation and more like stagnation.
Thursday the 4th we had a potluck supper with family under a very dry roof.

Friday, we went to visit Momma Birt and rejoiced to see her doing so much better and getting ready to head to a great rehab facility. The O's were there and together we sang a song of hope and praise in her room with her. "Don't Give Up on the Brink of a Miracle"... I needed that song just as much as she did!

When Satan would have you look
At the trials of life that surround you
And he tries to appear, and bring doubt and fear
All around you
Don't look with the eye, or listen with your ear,
Just cry out to God, He is always near
In your darkest hour, your miracle is here!

The devil is a thief, and he sends those troubles
To confound you
And he lies and says "This time,
There's no way you can find to make it thru"
Remember God's true Word, the battle is the Lord's
Don't give in to fear, think on things that are pure
Praise the Lord, your miracle is here!

Don't give up on the brink of a miracle
Don't give in, God is still on the throne
Don't give up on the brink of a miracle
Don't give up, remember you're not alone


Yesterday, we ran around a bit and did some self assigned chores around the house. My boss texted me to tell me that she was going to promote me! Right there in the midst of my faith journey, God reached over His hand and said "Here is hope".

Today, I enjoyed the service this morning, but let me tell you about tonight's service. The choir seemed to sing with extra strength, the special music was reassuring, full of hope and reminding me that God was right there with me through all of this. I was able to pray and praise and thank God for His love and goodness to me. Then Br. O got up to preach at the request of our pastor. He preached from Hosea... about the valley of Achor being the door of hope to Israel. Wow, let me tell you -that message was straight from God and reminded me that valleys are places God uses to draw us close to Himself. This is not a new thought to me, but to be so gently yet bluntly reminded that God gives us valleys for specific reasons not to hinder us but to help us!
What a victorious feeling to walk away with after such a week of "woes".

And I will give her her vineyards from thence, and the valley of Achor for a door of hope: and she shall sing there, as in the days of her youth, and as in the day when she came up out of the land of Egypt. Hosea 2:15

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