Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What are my options? Rapture or Retail

I know I have been a bit obscure about the details of my faith journey, or I should say the cause of my journey into the unknown land of trusting before verifying.
We were informed a month or so ago that our store would be closed down. It is said to be a real estate strategy and nothing to do with the actual operations of the store. I was promoted to part-time management and will stay through the total closing of the store. It's a bit surreal since I was there for the initial opening of this same store 6 years ago!
So what does this mean? Well, I am job hunting on the side when I am not working or helping in VBS or catching up on housework, etc.
I got an application for a store opening in our local mall... but I confess it looked very intimidating.
Then, the store next to ours which happens to be a very high end retail clothing store came in looking to see if anyone wanted to join their team. My manager recommended me and told me that they would probably hire me. I glided past their window yesterday as I was leaving and thought "No way would little, ole country girl like me be able to look like all those models in there!" I am keeping it in the back of my mind, but they also intimidate me.
On my way home though, I stopped at the large store across the road and asked for an application. They are closed on Sundays which means sooo much to me. My manager has graciously only asked me to work 1 Sunday and sometimes 1 Wednesday evening a month in my present job. She has also given me evenings off for VBS this week, unless there is an emergency and I have to cover a shift. My sons and husband are keeping a watchful eye on my foray back into the job search. I fully trust that God will lead me to my next position as He has led me all my life.
My manager dreams of the day that she has another store to run and makes me her assistant manager-lol! I dream of the day the Lord Jesus returns and claims me as part of His bride!
My options-- retail? or something else? I would just prefer the rapture even if that sounds like escapism.

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