Monday, August 5, 2013

Walk down memory lane

Wild and Crazy... that was my week! Work during the day and then VBS at night. For the past three years, I have been the refreshment coordinator for VBS. I had a great crew, both the faithful ones that come every year and the new ones that had to endure my leadership. :) Everything with the refreshments went very smoothly, and best of all, 10 children were saved during the week!!! We averaged 200 people in attendance each night!

Saturday was also Ted's birthday, and I didn't know what I was going to do to commemorate his day. After some mad surfing and brainstorming, I decided to take him for a walk down memory lane. When he turned 40, he felt depressed at how old he was getting. Last year when he turned 41, it was barely celebrated although we had great intentions. I wanted him to feel special, so I found a huge antique mall nearby. We barely walked a quarter of it, but it was enough to see all the things that we had played with or seen as children. Yes, we are both getting old, but not as old as some of the antiques in there.

It was odd though to see things from our childhood considered antiques! They have an amazing cafe there inside the mall with everything homemade. DELICIOUS!!!

On the day of his birthday, we spent the morning together before I had to run off for work, and then he and the boys went out and did their own testosterone shopping together.

Ok, so here is what is happening on the job front.
Human Deadline: September 1
God's deadline: ???
Turned in 2 applications and picked up yet another application after speaking with the manager.
Secret shopped another store and was sorely disappointed with the service.... since they belong to the same company I am with, it sort of reaffirmed that I needed to part ways with them altogether.

Oh-- that other application for the local store.... uhmmmmm just not feeling it yet, but I guess I should fill it out anyway. I have one more place in mind to apply at now that I have experience they might be interested in using. Meanwhile, I go to work each day, thanking God for the job I have and how He has blessed me all these years. I won't doubt Him now.

Oh!! and huge kudos to the Rowan County commissioners for not agreeing to the Supreme Court decision that they couldn't pray in Jesus' name at their town meetings! Instead, citizens rose up and prayed instead! The ACLU and Supreme Court may not know it, but WE are on the winning side. We as Christians have Victory in Jesus!

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