Thursday, August 15, 2013

Don't Hold Your Breath

I won't hold mine, but I will keep praying. Since I last posted, I had a great interview with a second company. They are supposed to call me by the end of this week to let me know. (It's nearly the end of this week, so like I said I am not holding my breath). The first company did NOT call me for a second interview (glad I didn't hold my breath)-- I did stop in there today and basically let them know if they snooze, they loose. I received 2 more applications that I just have not had time to fill out. I must admit this whole application filling out and then going to interviews is a bit.... ok, too may words come to mind to describe it.
Today, I was at work when a store manager from the same mall comes dashing in begging for recommendations for a part time sales manager. My manager directed her to me and we had an immediate interview right then and there! I filled out the application afterwards and she is faxing it to her district manager tonight. I am to have a phone interview with that DM tomorrow morning. I am not holding my breath! I have absolutely no clue where God wants me to go. I keep praying He closes all the wrong doors and directs me through the one HE has for me.
Holding my breath is just not going to get me anywhere. Prayer changes things.
So for all of you that pray for me and with me.... PRAY for wisdom.

God keeps giving me good interviews, but those don't pay HAHAHAA!

Oh! and I didn't mention that I am helping my own manager get her resume ready, get her connected online, and help her search for jobs for herself. She still hopes and prays for a store that she can manage and bring me in to be her assistant. May God's will be done.

Ok, I wasn't holding my breath, I promise, but I do feel breathless!

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