Monday, August 12, 2013

Found Faithful

I probably already have a post or two entitled this, yet God has burdened me so profoundly lately that I need to be found faithful when He comes. So many times I feel like quitting, whether it's looking for jobs, going to work, keeping my marriage working, etc..... When I get so worn out and feel like I just can't tackle the next issue, God comes alongside of me and reminds me that it's HIS strength I should be using and not my own. I can't be found faithful, if I am not faithfully relying on Him to get me through.

I had a great interview from everyone's point of view last Thursday. I am waiting to hear if I get a second interview with them. Friday, I got a call from the place that I really thought I wanted to work at, my interview is this afternoon at 2pm. Since then, I have heard so many comments about how bad the management is and how I may not really like it there even if I get Sundays off. I have experienced some of the same issues just in handing in my application, so I am not sure what will unfold today as I go to be interviewed. Praying that I will be who God wants me to be and go where He wants me to go. There are many other places on my list to apply at and see if anything unfolds as well. I am not worried, just maybe "wearied".
My current boss is coming over tonight, so that we can work on her resume.

James got certified on forklift at his job, Praise the Lord, another milestone he was working towards.

Justin really wants a different job that is no longer third shift.

Ted is swimming as fast as he can with all his job duties and obligations... I am concerned he will burn out. Pray for him.... he doesn't get to punch a time clock, he is always on the job.

My nephew Jordan graduated basic training from the Marines, we enjoyed having him around for the week and to see that some of the rough edges were smoothed over. He is heading back tomorrow to his next stage of training. Pray for him!

Birthday Greetings to Ted, my dad, my nephew Luke, and if I have forgotten someone, I am sorry.
Anniversary greetings to my parents, as well.

Don't tell anyone, but I have really loved all the rain this summer, but then again I haven't had to suffer through the damage and problems that so many in our state have dealt with recently.
Well, laundry is going, dishes are washing, I have swept half the house and folded part of the clean clothes. I need to sit down and eat something, plan supper menus for the week, and then shower and get ready for an interview.

Pray for us, so many times I feel like the hairball that the cat just hurled instead of a vibrant, faithful servant of our Lord and Savior.

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