Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Brer Rabbit

That's right, I feel like Brer Rabbit living in the briar patch, or maybe it's Eeyore who eats thistles.

Why so gloomy? Not gloomy, just matter of fact. Speaking of facts, here they are:

Fact 1- Ted should never wear a ring when working on the battery of my truck
- electrical burns are nasty! The ER visit was fun - he was the hero

Fact 2- Closed the store, and finishing up cleaning it this week

Fact 3- Justin decided to go to the Army Recruiter's to start the process to see if he wants to join the military

Fact 4- James was dismissed from his job today

Fact 5- I start a brand new job with a new company next Monday

Fact 6- Ted has a doctor's appt next Tuesday

This doesn't feel like a valley, just a rocky stretch in the road, I just keep plodding along and kicking the pebbles out of my shoes. So yes, rocks and thistles hurt, but they don't knock me off my feet. Besides, the Shepherd's rod and staff comfort me.

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