Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Ladies and Gentleman, I am proud and pleased to announce that Justin Andrew Corriveau is officially a Private in the United States Army. We went to his enlistment ceremony yesterday and he will start Physical Training tomorrow. February 4th he will leave for 10 weeks of basic training in Ft. Benning, GA. His advanced training will be at Ft. Gordon in southern Georgia. He has enlisted for a 5 year contract. I would tell you what he is going to do but that is top secret(think about it).

James finally qualified to enlist and he will go next Tuesday for his medical testing and enlistment ceremony. If he is found qualified, he will go to Ft. Jackson, SC, near Columbia, SC, the end of February for 9 weeks of basic training. His advanced training will be at Ft. Lee, Virginia, below Richmond. His contract is for 3 years as a track vehicle repairer(fixing tanks, etc.)

Please pray for both of my boys as they strive to do God's Will for their lives.

Ted's finger has healed amazingly well and is closed over completely. He has not lost any movement and the scar tissue is minimal. He says it gets a little stiff once in awhile. Thank you to all who prayed for his healing.
My job is going extremely well and God is giving me wisdom and grace every day.

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