Saturday, November 1, 2008

WFTD: MonoBlogging

I thought it appropriate to put my 2cents into a debate on the upcoming right to an election debacle which will most certainly change the face of our country; either in glorious triumph or darkest feudalism. And as I was meandering over my past perfectionism of verbage and grammar, I realized that I had been monologuing, but when one does this in a blog forum...

My word for the day is: Monoblogging

mon·o·blogue also mon·o·blog
v. mon·o·blogued also mon·o·blogged, mon·o·blogu·ing also mon·o·blog·ging, mon·o·blogues also mon·o·blogs

1.a form of dramatic online entertainment, comically typed solo, or the like by a single blogger: a comedian's monoblogue.
2.a prolonged post or discourse by a single blogger, esp. one dominating or monopolizing an online conversation.

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