Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Paws to Ponder

Well, it has been a wild 1.5 weeks here.
Last Monday, we started getting the boys and Jessica(my Super Teen we have been discipling), ready for camp. Our youngest cat disappeared in the beginning of last week, it's been quite the search, and really heartbreaking not to find him.The trip yesterday to the pound and humane society dealt my tender heart a sharp blow. This morning, I let out one of our BIG cats. He has yet to return as well. This is completely unusual for all our furry friends.
Now in the midst of all this, I had a thought. I have prayed many times that when the rapture happens, our pet family will not suffer. I did not want them to be left to suffer the tribulation. SO, as my thoughts were worrying around the missing cats, I began to ponder that maybe the rapture is even more imminent, and God is already answering my prayer, by removing the cats before He comes to "remove" us!
Just pause for a minute please, and make sure YOU are ready for the rapture, I would hate for any of ya'll to suffer the tribulation either!!

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Bless said...

Our neighbors helped us find our missing big cat. We had gone on a huge search through the woods, and creek looking for him. He was hiding in one of the outbuildings next door, scared to death. He had been gone almost 12 hours! I had to carry his 20 lbs home.
So now they are officially indoor cats. We think that our Baby Shadow did not survive the week. I am just so thankful that we found Socks.