Thursday, September 17, 2009


As the Title states(albeit tongue in cheek for those who have heard Ted sing a certain song with his quartet TRADITION) we have moved. We are back in the same neighborhood that we lived in 3 years ago. It was a fairly easy move, but the unpacking has been tedious.
We are so thankful for the beautiful home we are now living in on 2 acres of tree dotted land. The boys have been hard workers in getting our home liveable and working on the landscaping needs. We have apple, peach, and fig trees, along with rose bushes and even a grape arbor producing scuppernongs.
Before the great move to internet access, I suffered a huge computer crash. I lost all emails and years worth of pictures and documents.
Ted was able to re install a basic operating system and anything that I had saved on my jump drive which fortunately was school and work related stuff.

I want to thank Ken and Tammy and Ronn for all their wonderful assistance in moving.
I want to thank my parents for sending money for school books this year, that was such a help and blessing.

Happy birthday wishes to my sister Rae, and my mother in law,and to Annette. Happy Anniversary greetings to Al and Annette.

If you havent emailed me in a while I suggest you do since I lost all email addresses and you will probably not hear from me unless I had it memorized(not likely, I can't even find half the things in this house, much less my brain!)

Just a note for those who know what I have been dealing with the past few years, I am going ahead with the procedure this month, in hopes it will fix all or nearly all my problems. It should at least alleviate alot of the side effects and then maybe the rest can be treated without any major surgery. If you aren't sure what I am referring to you can always email me and ask for any specifics.
Until next time..
Draw nigh unto God and He will draw nigh unto you...

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