Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Reason

Last night we resumed our Monday night ritual of having dinner with family.
I had a turkey in the oven, and I was getting things ready to take over to finish the meal.
My mother- in- law dropped a Christmas tree off for us this year(Ted does not want to spend money on a tree, and I tend to agree with him). She helped the boys get it into the tree stand, and then she and Justin went to her house.
Jamie stayed here with me to start decorating it. It has become a little family ritual for us to have the Trans Siberian Orchestra play in the background while we decorate the tree. As they started playing Joy to the World I got so choked up, and wanted to cry. Jesus is the Joy and Reason for this worldly season.

Today, I was playing a little online game that the Lord has used to greatly bless me and others that He leads to my little patch of virtual reality.
I hired someone in the game to come to my little place and work...she came and saw the cross I had in the center of my spot and started crying. We shared a time of worship and fellowship together. It truly was a blessing, and the reason for this CHRISTmas season.

If you do NOT know that Jesus is the whole reason we celebrate this time of year, please please ask me or Ted about it right now!! We will be glad to share Jesus with you.


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