Monday, May 9, 2011

The Mad Dash

So many days I really feel as if life is rushing right past me, and I am hanging on for dear life. I keep wanting to say " Let me off this wild ride, I can barely hang on". My schedule is full of work, school, housework, bus ministry, church, grabbing precious memories with Ted, and getting ready for the big graduation event of the decade. Often I just want to slow down, find some time to daydream, stare out the window at God's beautiful creation, pore over Scripture, listen to music as it transports me to a closer fellowship with My Lord, and the list goes on. I don't think I would trade my life or my daily activities for anything because I believe I am doing exactly what God wants me to with the time He gives me. Learning to balance the idea of staying busy, and yet being still without feeling like I am foolishly idle is an ongoing dilemma.

We had a wonderful Mother's Day with many delightful moments. My deep love and appreciation to Ted and the boys for making me feel loved and special and also allowing us to open our home to extended family and have a real time of joy with Ronn and Gayle, Ken and Tammy and the girls, and Ken's parents who came in for the weekend from Colorado.

I do not have much memory of last Mother's Day, and I know I was probably just numb and full of sorrow and longing to see Momma. This year was harder for me although it was our second year of Momma being in Heaven for Mother's Day. God tenderly cares for us even as we yearn to see Him and Momma soon. We are so thankful to have Gayle in our lives, she has been an added help and blessing and her wisdom and care for us has been a soothing balm in time of need.

James took his SAT's, his senior pictures are Wednesday, next week is his senior class trip, he has 9 days of school left, his graduation gown and cap are hanging in his room, his graduation invitations are about to be printed, and boy, do I have alot of papers to grade and school administration stuff to get done. I remember praying for the rapture to take place before he was to enter kindergarten. God in His wisdom gave us more years to make memories and to live for Him. I do not know when the rapture will take place, I just know that I want us all to be there in that big graduation ceremony in the sky.

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