Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Return

Hey Ya'll, so my darling husband heard me bemoaning the fact that I could not really blog without my laptop and my little tablet annoyed me with the touch keyboard that always puts in unwanted letters when I type. For my birthday he upgraded my tablet and got me a wireless keyboard! Yeehaw, so now I can blog or do anything else I need to do as if it was like having a laptop. I don't even have to baby it and wonder if the hard drive is dying on me!. You are joining me on my first venture with the new setup!
I feel like I have been gone for ages from the blogosphere! I really don't even know where to start to catch everyone up on what is going on in our family. What a dramatic year!
Let me jump in and say that our oldest made it through his AIT training and will be home shortly for a brief 5 day leave before he heads to Korea to his first duty station for a year. Yes, this is definitely something I would have never guessed either of my boys embarking on in their lives. Our youngest is still in AIT fighting to pass his final PT test. He gets more discouraged with each passing day that he is not able to accomplish that goal.
Ted, wow, I know I call him SuperMan, but his company must think he is superhuman as well, they have him not only running his stores, supervising another district during the absence of it's area manager, but also he has become the regional IT person. NO, none of this with added pay and all totally unofficial. Can you say STRESS???!!!
We both came down with the Carolina Crud in the last 2 weeks and had to stay home from work each a couple of days. I am still trying to recover. I remember last year was really bad too when I had it.
My job? Yup still there, God hasn't seen fit to move me. Still concentrating on the lessons that God has shown me that I need to work on in my life. To be totally honest, this is a real struggle for me, but I strive to overcome.
Thanksgiving is coming up, do you exhibit an attitude of thankfulness every day? This is something I really try to concentrate on especially when I feel miserable.

Looking forward to blogging on a consistent basis, and sharing with you the spiritual lessons and insights that God shows us in this journey to Heaven through the valleys and over the mountains.

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Mike Rizzio said...


I just read to my wife some of your posts concerning Justin and James and their ongoing Army training.

As a West Point grad and Infantry Officer I too have had a few God incidents that I now know guided me back into the fold.

We will keep your two heroes in our prayers. Our boys are 15 and 14 and we have a girl at 7.

Mike and Jen