Thursday, December 18, 2008


Contrary to popular Belief; I am not a "bah-humbug". And to prove it, Here are the pictures of our Christmas tree this year. Thank you Mom for the tree. Next year we will get a plastic one so I can disfigure it with matches! :) Just kidding!

This is our Christmas Bear, who sits on top of the tree and watches to see if the boys actual deserve presents this year. HONESTLY! If his eyes are blue, they were good. If they are black, they get coal. Hehehe..
I am the chef of the house. I rarely cook (mostly because I'm so multi-talented I rarely focus on more than 1 thing at a time :) These are my Peanut Butter Cup Ball Thingies.. Im' not quite sure why there are so many different names for these treats, but I must admit. I did a good job!
ps: As of this posting, half of these are already gone. Rebecca and Jamie went to bed with tummy ache's, Justin is in a sugar coma, and I just can't stop typing.


Bless said...

Wow! You sure do weave a tale of fanciful imaginations.
If half a peanut butter ball gives me a stomach ache, then maybe they aren't as good as you think :P
But, yes Baby you did a good job!!

You'd better make more though, I had to get after the boys this morning- well THE BOY for eating the gifts!

Susana Kieffer Cordeiro said...

hey brother ted (aka: boss)
my wife just showed me your comment. good to hear from you.

we just had twins, born in july. a boy and a girl!

do you have facebook?