Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This has been a month of firsts.
The first month of the first year without President Bush- we miss him already. The first time I have had a 16 year old. {Happy Birthday, Jamie!}
The first time I have had a child in a public high school, well only to take driver's ed classes- another first.
The first time Ted has sung a solo on a Wednesday night in church.
The first time I have ate Cajun cooking and survived. (Had a wonderful time at the Romeros!)To virtually visit the Diamond R Horse farm you can go to their website:
OH!! and our first snow of the season!! It even stuck to the ground for a day!
Those are some of the important Firsts that have happened in the first of 2009.
So first and last I want to wish Happy Birthday to Jamie, my nephew DJ, my mother, my brothers-in law- Ken and Tim. (For Birthday pictures of the huge family, January birthday party you can visit Tammy's blog):
*Hope you all have a blessed First Month*

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Kristi said...

Hmmm...I wonder how many "firsts" we experience each day.

I must take notes on that!