Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shopaholics Unite

Good Morning! I am passing time online until I have to take Jamie to driver's ed.
He finishes his full course tomorrow, and should pass if he doesn't mess up in the next few hours.
I have a weird habit of reading the obituaries in the papers that I view online on a regular basis. This actually keeps me in touch with what is going on with people that I do not have regular contact with.
This morning I read the best obituary I think I have ever seen. I actually enjoyed reading this brief excerpt about the passing of a woman I have never known.
Here is what had me laughing, yes laughing soo hard, about what is normally a solemn occasion.

I quote:"After a brief nursing career, Mrs. Williams turned to shopping as a profession, and made a greater effort to stimulate the economy than President Obama ever will. The vast majority of Richmond merchants will mourn her passing."

Now, if I should leave this earth before the Rapture, I hope someone will think to cheer people up in my obituary :)

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