Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lesson of the Peace Lily

I love peace lilies. They are a durable hearty plant that will try to live even in adverse conditions. This plant is a very visible picture of our Christian lives.
How? Well, as a member of the lily family this plant adores water. It will take it in and will store it. A Christian saved by Jesus who is the Lily of the Valley should adore and store the water of the Word of God. Eventually though, if it uses up all the water it has stored the leaves start to droop and change to yellow, brown, and black. The flower droops and eventually dies, and it starts looking pitiful. It still tries to keep on going even though it is struggling to survive. If we neglect to refresh ourselves with the water of God's Word we too are visibly dejected, drooping, and of no use to God or anyone else. We can try to keep on going, but we will struggle to survive.
I noticed my peace lily today was starting to look thirsty by those tell-tale signs... I took a glass of water and poured it in, and then for good measure poured in another one! I came home tonight from an amazing church service to find my peace lily standing tall, looking healthy, and the flowers were standing at attention, not a single droop to be seen anywhere.
If we apply God's Word to our lives and even double the dose, there should be a physical near immediate result.
What does your appearance and demeanor say to the world? Have you drank from God's Word so much so that it shows all over??? Or are you Thirsty???


Kristi said...

Shew! That was good! I like how your peace lily was standing tall when you came home after tonight's service. That's a great visual for us tonight, huh?


Bless said...

Yup it struck me so much, that I said aloud.. there is a message in that. I figured since it spoke so clearly to me, I should blog it for others.
I love how the Lord will use even simple things like His creation to teach us and to always bring glory to Himself.