Monday, January 4, 2010

Ready for Heaven in 2010

Dear Family and Friends,
Most of you know that our dear Momma went home to Heaven this past December 16. Although, she was only 57, she had run her race, finished her course, and had a testimony that pleased God. Her legacy is still very much alive, and we are seeing souls saved through her life, and most especially through her death.
Our loving church,family,friends, and untold millions of prayers has helped us during this time. God keeps giving us the grace to make it through each day. I am soo thankful for the 19 years that I was loved by this wonderful woman, and the loving heritage she passed onto Ted and our children as well.

Are you ready for Heaven in 2010? If you were to die this very day, would your testimony please God?

Fellow believers, continue to pray for Shirley's family that were saved at her funeral, and for those who did not make a decision that day.
Keep us in your prayers as we sort through all the endless details that surround such a time as this.

We are doing as well as we can, and in fact, better then expected through this - only because God's grace IS sufficient and we lean on HIM to see us through.

Rebecca and Family

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Brad said...


Your folks told us about Ted's mother's death, and we've been praying for your family since. Praise the Lord for those saved! God is good, all the time. He turns our sorrows into joy, and glorifies Himself. We praise the Lord, also, for your responses. Her testimony, and yours, are drawing souls to God.

Love & prayers,
Brad & Sarah