Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shhhhhhh, somebody is watching

Hello family and friends,
Most of us go through our day with very little thought as to who is watching us, whether it be our children, church youth, peers, or the person sharing an aisle at the local store. It has come to my recent attention that I have many people watching me. They have, in fact, told me that although they rarely say anything they are watching me whether it's what I post online, or how I interact with someone.
Now that can be scary, IF you don't want to think of that responsibility. Maybe you live a double life, and you are afraid someone will catch you doing something less then Christian-like. I am not perfect, I am however under spiritual construction, what progress He makes is often up to how much I let Him work in my life. I think most of all though we need to be very conscious that God our Father is watching us. Now, of course, if you are not saved, you do not feel that burden of responsibility, nor the loving eyes of the Father yearning to guide us every day. I urge you to realize that today is the day of salvation, your tomorrow may never come.
Who do you watch? Who is watching you?
Just a tidbit to think about... I will update y'all on family news later.

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