Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I dreamed about Momma last night, it was soo good to see her, hug her, and talk with her, even if it was only a dream. Today turned into a very stressful day. I kept trying to hand it over to the Lord, but I wasn't getting any peace. I finally decided to get in the car and drive(something Ronn has to do when his sorrow gets too heavy). I got in,prayed again; then turned on the tape in the tape deck.
Now,let me tell you about this tape. A month ago, the man who helps in the church's tape ministry came up to me at church, and handed me two cassettes and was determined that I needed these tapes to listen to. I accepted them, but told him that I really could just use Cd's. I was thinking there was really no way I would get to hear them, since I don't have a tape player around in use. Well, my trusty bucket of bolts only has a tape player! I had been praying for some good music to listen to, but just never connected the dots in my head that God was answering this prayer, and so many future prayers as well. These two tapes have been such a blessing to me in the car these past couple of months.
Today though, I needed exactly what the youth choir was singing... after many tears and a lot of prayer, God used the first 5 songs in succession to help me over my burdens today. Thank YOU, Lord, for giving me so many answers to prayer, and for the daily healing you pour out on me and on my family. I never dreamed when those tapes were given to me, that they would become such a balm to my emotions and thoughts.
Well, just wanted to share some of that with y'all today in hopes that you will know that God can help YOU through your trials and troubles, if you will only listen to His gentle call.
I am off to dreamland, getting up early tomorrow to get the boys off on their trip to TN for the huge youth rally. Pray for them! I also get to babysit my 3 little nieces tomorrow.... fun-fun!

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unconventional said...

I hear His gentle call and struggle with what He's telling me. Abundant thought and prayer put me somewhat at odds with the world in which we live.

Matthew 6:19-34 speaks strongly to me, yet we see our culture educating people to do the exact opposite of those teachings. Largely the churches I've attended over the years don't even touch on the subject. It's probably one of the hardest in the Bible to accept. That's the distance that the culture has gotten us off track.

I struggle with it daily. I let it get the best of me at times. My attempts to share this specific piece of gospel often come off as a bit harsh. It's the frustration coming through. I feel trapped in a culture that values and demands these things that go against the words I hear from Him. I've been forced into this lifestyle by virtue of being born in this culture, this way of thinking. We all have, really. It took me a long time to see it. To "get it". I was there and now I'm here. It's a blessing and a curse. I'm left wondering if such an innate desire and concept as freedom is possible at all.