Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Monday

Good Blessed Morning to all of you,

I haven't posted in awhile, it's been an exceedingly busy spring season!
The weather is already in summer temperatures, everything is in bloom, the pollen is in overdrive, and the bees are out in full military force.

It has only been a few months since Momma passed away unexpectedly. We are hanging onto God's peace and promises. It has not always been easy, and there are still many tears and walks down memory lane. I am glad God has our past, present, and future in the palm of His hand. Every time I think I can't take it anymore, or I just don't understand why Momma can't be here with us still, God gives me a healing dose of peace and grace that makes it worth it.

Justin turned 16 in March, no, he does not have his permit yet. We are hoping to get James ready for his road test soon for his driver's license. Then Justin will have to take driver's ed class, as well.
Justin has a part-time summer job lined up, that starts in June, James is still looking.
We had special revival services this past week, that were a real help and blessing.
This week, we are getting the boys ready to go on their annual trip to Murfreesboro, TN, for the HUGE Youth Rally they have at Br.Tony Hudson's church. This is a special time for our youth. Please pray that the boys will use this time to draw closer to our wonderful Lord, and determine to serve Him in an even greater capacity.

Ted stays very busy, but makes every effort to balance his work with family and church needs. I praise and thank God for my loving husband. I tell the Lord every day how thankful I am, and how much I love the man He gave me for these past 18 years! It seems impossible that I graduated from high school 20 years ago!!!

I stay busy with school for the boys, working my part-time property manager job for the same boss I have had for the past 4 years, and teaching the teen class in our church's bus ministry. In the past, I have mentioned a few health issues that I needed to have taken care of. Next Tuesday, I finally go to have that hopefully accomplished. Pray for me, Momma won't be around to take care of me, and if they can't remove the growth successfully this time, they will need to put me in the hospital later to surgically remove it with a different method. I ask that you pray that this will be the only time that I need to go in, and that God will take care of the procedure and the healing process.
I hope you all have had a blessed Easter, and if you do NOT know our wonderful Lord and Savior- please, please I beg of you- do NOT wait any longer to accept HIS free gift of salvation!

Happy Birthday Greetings to Justin, my Aunt Joyce, and my niece Naomi.
Special Congratulations on the engagement and marriage of my brother Jonathan to Mia!
Pray for Ted's cousin Becky, who has spreading incurable cancer.
Continue to pray for us as we move forward in the healing process from the home-going of Momma.
There is probably so much more I could write, but I think you get the gist of it!
Love, Rebecca

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