Friday, March 19, 2010

A Thought

Sitting here with the glorious sunshine pouring through my window, I have been thinking about various people who I know are hurting for one reason or many reasons. AS I contemplated on their situations,I caught myself wondering yet again why I am not so burdened down with my own problems. I have many stresses and issues and problems, yet I don't feel upset or worried about them. Then I wondered if maybe I wasn't caring enough or sensitive enough. The more I thought on it the more my favorite hymn kept ringing forth in my heart and thoughts. God brought it to my attention again this morning, and I keep singing the refrain over and over. " It is well with my soul"...
A sweet young lady gave an example to me the other night as we talked about problems and prayed together. She said if you have your hands curled up into a fist, God can't hold them or give you blessings. Are you holding onto your hurt? Are you refusing to let go of your burdens, and trust God to take care of them? So much has happened in a brief amount of time in our own lives. Every day is uncertain here on earth, but my future is sealed and certain in Heaven. I can rest on the fact that my troubles and trials can make me stronger, bring me closer to God,give Him glory, and make me a better Christian... but only if I reach my open hands out to God and say " Here- take my burdens and YOU deal with them, because I sure can't!"
So yes, I do care about the pain you are going through, yes, I am praying for you, but I will not wallow in my own pain and hurt, for then God can't use me to bless others...
1 Peter 5:7 "Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you."
Open your hands and hearts to God today, and allow Him to give you peace in your valley.
Love y'all

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