Monday, June 7, 2010

So I got an iPad...

So about two weeks ago, I had an opportunity to obtain an iPad for a fair price, and simply could not pass it up. Now, I have to say: I'm quite tech savvy, and I was positive I could wrangle this tiny piece of masterful machinery into pure submission. However, after two weeks of juggling my wonderful iPhone, my iPad, and my slowly dying Windows 7 laptop, I realized just how little time I actually have to "play". I sometimes find myself sitting in my armchair picking up one device, only to put it down again and pick up another. I've gone almost all day without touching my iPad, and that makes me iSad :( Although my son James did get to read 5 chapters of Last of the Mohicans while I was laboring in Wadesboro.

But tonight! While waiting for my ritualistic week-ending monotony of phone calls as I struggle to get final numbers from all of my stores, I had an epiphany! So I picked up my iPad, grabbed my tea and headed to the front porch. I lit the citronella candle to ward off the critters (not the wife), dialed up the VPN, and started my bluetooth connection to my iPhone.

So here I sit; typing this blog, wondering why there is a backspace key but no DEL key, waiting for phone calls and wondering what impact version 4.0 of this wonderful device will have on my semi-near future. !ouch! That was a skeeter!!!

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