Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Grace

Christmas Grace

Thank you, Lord, for this place,
Where we gathered from life’s rat race

With tears on our face,
Our memories replay,
Our sadness is now a trace,
By the wonder of God’s Christmas Grace

Down came the snow,
Beautiful, sparkling, icy lace,
Family and friends,
Food, fun, fellowship,
And candy by the case!

Gifts, girls, guys,
Grandparents, Oh MY
How can this be?
Maybe you ask why?
It’s a testimony of God’s Christmas grace, we would reply

God gave His Son one Christmas morn
His greatest gift for us to be reborn
A shout and Gabriel’s horn
Then crowns upon His feet we’ll adorn

It is this hope
This truth upon which we base
Our ability to live and cope-
-- God’s Christmas Grace

--RJC 12/26/10