Monday, January 24, 2011

From Child to Adult

What makes a child become an adult? Is it automatic when you go from 17 to 18? What happens when you are in a different culture and the age of maturity is 13 or in times past 21? Many people age, but never actually grow up. Many thoughts like these have gone through my mind since this weekend. Our eldest turned 18 this past Saturday. I will have to pull out the Selective Service registration form, introduce him to an election ballot, get his permanent unrestricted driver's license, order a class ring, diploma, cap and gown, and start filling out college applications, grant forms, and a myriad of many other things that signify adulthood.
In the midst of all these often stress filled activities, I am yearning for him to just grow closer to our Precious Lord, and to find God's perfect will for his life. This has been a journey that feels like it started longer then 18 years ago. In essence it did, it started when at the age of 4 I gave my heart and life to Jesus and yearned to be His obedient child. As I became an adult and then a wife and mother, my greatest desire was for my children to have that same close walk with the Lord.
James has been my right hand man, my boy giant, my student, my child, my buddy... Now as the next chapter is waiting to be written in this travelogue through life, I yearn for him to be God's child, His servant, His ambassador, His reflection.....
I feel old, and yet still young, scared that I didn't do enough, yet hopeful that everything instilled in him will come to fruition.
It is a very strange feeling to see your child become a man, and to pray all the more that he will be found faithful.
Happy Birthday, James!
2 John 1:4

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