Monday, April 25, 2011

Family Flair

I do not remember the last time I did a family update. I think I did a brief one for when Ronn married Gayle. Gayle is a special lady who has become a Mom to me. She is a gift from God and I thank Him for her. She has stepped into that maternal role in the family without taking anything away from our precious Momma who went to Heaven.
March was the wedding and the uniting of another family to our rambling vine of kudzu. We welcome Mark and Amy and their boys Jordan, Luke, and Hayden. We also welcome Wayne Loving into the family although we haven't met him yet. In addition to those we are happy to also have Laura and her husband Jim and their children. We met Tim and Jennifer, but welcome the rest as well into our family and hearts. The wedding was beautiful and sweet with lots of laughter and tears. Ted and Tammy and Amy sung together "Rejoice in the Lord" (He makes NO mistakes).

We also celebrated March birthdays adding more celebrants to the month of March then we had before.

In April, we have been working overtime it seems. Schoolwork is starting to get finished up. Easter was happily celebrated with a huge family grill-out on Saturday. April birthdays were celebrated and enjoyed.
Sunday we hosted a dinner with lots of fun and drama and fatigue in between 2 amazing services at church.
Ted and I commemorated our 19th wedding anniversary yesterday as well. We so rarely get time together that we have snatched a few hours here and there. We did spend a day at a huge shopping mall together earlier in the month although we weren't sure if that was our anniversary celebration or not. Wanting and needing more time together, we are going to take a mini vacation in May to celebrate our anniversary properly. Then of course I will send Ted off fishing the end of that week. James is looking forward to going fishing with his dad as a Senior Class trip/ PE field trip.
James will be graduating from high school on June 5th at 6pm at Faith Baptist Church of Shelby, NC. We would love to have friends and family come and cheer him on as he finally finishes this great half of the race.
James works hard as the grounds keeper for World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions. He does a great job and loves working there.
Justin is finishing his junior year and hopes to find a good summer job between weeks at camp.

We are racing through this year, and looking forward to many events and milestones in our lives, but we long for that great day when we will be caught up hither to meet the Lord in the air. Are you ready for that day?

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