Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Proverbs 10

What a beautiful sun-shining day the Lord has created! I sit here during a lull, sipping creamy coffee and feeling butterflies in my stomach. This week I arranged for James to take his SAT's, started downloading and printing out his college application, pushing him to finish his last month of course work, and wondering what the Lord has in store for him. This feeling reminds me of when he was learning to walk and I knew I couldn't always hold his hand, but I always felt better if I was there to help him minimize his falls. As I meditate on this, I want to make sure I am not worrying or being anxious about his safety or his choices, although I am probably falling victim to just that.
My mind is full of thoughts and comparisons, and I think I have just an inkling of what God must feel like with His children. He teaches us over and over and shows us how to serve Him and live for Him. Yet, no matter how many school lessons we have, it does not always seem to sink into our brains and our hearts. In the end, although I would love it if my boys would and could spell correctly, use proper grammar, compute math like a calculator, and spout off historical and scientific facts, my greatest yearning is for them to be so close in their walk with the Lord that it spills out all over their lives and everyone they come in contact with.
Proverbs 10 has resonated with me lately, read it for yourself and glean from it.
My yearnings for my children should be my yearnings for myself with my Heavenly Father as well.

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