Thursday, August 11, 2011

Family News

Good Morning Family and Friends,
For years now I have sporadically blogged our family news instead of sending out a huge email to everyone in hopes they get it. Many times I do not share the trials, only the blessings. Other times I let y'all in on every little thing. We have had alot on our hearts lately, and I thought I would share a wee bit with you who hold us dear.
Ted is still the area supervisor for the Pizza Hut franchise that he has been with for many years past and present. He has 5 stores that he supervises and oversees. His work is never ending. He has gone through a real trial lately with various things happening and would greatly appreciate any prayers you send up to our Father for help and strength.
My position at World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions encompasses a variety of tasks that keep me busy, and my mind has a hard time turning work off when I am out of the office. Keep praying for me that I will continue to be used by the Lord in this aspect of His ministry.
James graduated from high school in June, was able to earn and receive enough money to buy his own used vehicle. It needs a check up in the shop soon, but should last him for awhile. He stays busy with his job as groundskeeper for WWNTBM. We had a rough summer trying to find a way for him to go to college for this fall semester. Alot of prayer and discussion and scrambling and information seeking went on for weeks. Finally, James decided to work for a year to save enough money to go next fall. I can tell you the weight has been lifted and the peace of making a decision has been a relief. Should he have gone this fall? We didn't have peace about it either way. Now that the decision has finally been made, we ask that you pray he gets enough money and that his desire to go will be even stronger. We hope you will pray for James that he will let God use him in any way He desires.
Justin will start his senior year in high school next month. He has helped his brother and others throughout the summer with odd jobs that has helped to pay for his trips to camp and the Faith Youth Revival in TN. He strives to get closer to God and would appreciate your prayers that he will continue in a godly direction. He is seeking the Lord's will about college and a career.
I know this sounds like a huge prayer request more then a family update, but I make no apologies for it. Our family has gone through some valleys and stumbled under some heavy burdens, but our loving Heavenly Father has been right there along side of us to carry us through. Prayer is a vital aspect and necessity in our lives to get us through each day.
Thank you for loving us and most of all for praying for us.

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