Monday, December 26, 2011

Snapshots of Christmas Memories

This Christmas was chock full of memories. Sometimes, I felt like Mary of old who "kept all these things and pondered them in her heart". I know that was referring to the events around the birth of Jesus, but I like to think that when God gives me snapshots into His plans and workings in our life that we should keep these things and ponder them in our hearts.
Snapshot 1. Ted teaching Cheyenne and Jessica how to make Momma's chocolate covered peanut butter balls

Snapshot 2. Ted wanting Momma's cherry cream pie which I haven't made since Momma showed me how to do it. In turn, I taught Jessica how to do it. (Jess is James' girlfriend). Passing on the family recipes and traditions to the next generation was bittersweet.

Snapshot 3. Ted giving us his Christmas wish list, and God providing the money so that I could make all his wishes come true {yes, that is probably the first time in 20 years this has happened :))) }

Snapshot 4. Ted writing me a love letter in a Christmas card. I cried all over him after I read it. He hadn't written me like that in years, and I have missed it. Not counting the emails we write to each other or the texts. I just missed the pen to paper heart to heart missives.

Snapshot 5. Passing along the love and wisdom and Godly example to the next generation as it was shown me by the loving people God put in my life through the years.

Snapshot 6. Listening as Ted explained the meaning of Christmas, and why we do what we do on this day every year. How precious the birth of God's Son was and how we are not to take it lightly or forget that is the whole reason we give gifts. I remembered just a few short years ago when he wasn't walking with the Lord and giving spiritual lessons to the boys was the farthest thing from his mind. I inwardly rejoiced that my husband was truly the spiritual leader in our home that God had intended all along.

This was the best Christmas in years! Thank you Lord, for all these things to ponder in my heart. Most of all, thank You for the birth of Your Son that made salvation possible to all who will accept it.

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