Friday, May 31, 2013

Jumble Laya

What a wild month this has been! Oddly enough I think life in general has become a tilt-a-whirl on it's last axis. Have you ever opened up a closet that was in your teenager's room and had to back up before the landslide buried you? This is how my life feels lately.

Work is going great! Still learning new things that I will need to use once promoted.
Ted's work is crazy as ever, but he loves his job.
James is finishing his Associates in Bible Degree and will graduate June 14th. He has also received a huge answer to prayer with a good full time job really close to the house. He too loves his new job working for a hardwood flooring company. Praise the Lord!!!
Justin is looking for a job that will allow him more of a social life ;)

My niece, Abby, graduated from Kindergarten.. wow, it does not seem possible! On top of that my niece, Cheyenne is now a rising Junior in High School.... Yeeeeks!

My nephew DJ graduates from High School this weekend- Congrats Bud!!!
My nephew Jordan from the Kudzu side of the family is in Basic Training at Paris Island... Pray for him!

Happy Anniversary to David and Carmelita! Happy Anniversary to Ken and Tammy!!

The teen class at our church's bus ministry went to court last weekend... WHAT??? Yes, we had a mock trial to see if they could defend their faith. If you were on trial today with the charge of being a Christian... how would you plead and how would you prove you were? On the other hand, what if you were accused of NOT being a Christian... could you sway the verdict with enough testimony and evidence that the charges were false? OR!! would you even care?

Christ is coming... are you ready?

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