Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Answered Prayer?!

Reflecting back over last week, it seems like a wild ride on the roller coaster of faith.
I abruptly resigned my job that I had almost 2 years, due to personal safety concerns. I cried a lot, prayed with almost every breath, and even tried to go job hunting. 
This week, Ted took me with him on his business trip. I had been wanting to go with him for a very long time. Just didn't expect this way of God answering that prayer. I had been yearning for a break from work.......again, not anticipating resigning my job to make it happen.
I really don't like roller coasters, the twists and turns and loops don't bother me, it's the huge free falling, rip my stomach out through my toes, sensation I absolutely can't stand. Right now, on this roller coaster of faith, I'm hoping to hang on to my harness, trust like never before and see what lays beyond the next hilly curve.

James was honorably discharged a bit early from the army. He is living in Missouri and desperately needs a job.
Justin is super busy with college and work, then he got super serious about his new girlfriend and they wanted to jump into wedding plans. Ted had to sit him down and look at the cold hard facts. So as of right now, they have slowed down the mad rush. 

Choosing to be thankful and trusting God...

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