Monday, September 12, 2016

Be still

My last day of work, one of my clients repeatedly told me how God told her to be still and let Him work.  That stuck with me the last week, as I wait on the Lord to direct my path. 
Today, time stood still when we got the news that one of our faithful church members who is a police officer died today from being shot in the line of duty. 
My last memory of him was his praying with his little girl at the altar just a week ago. I am so glad to have that memory...
My day has been frozen for a bit as I stop to grieve, pray, and draw comfort from God's Word.
Pray for the Brackeen family, our law enforcement, and our community. 

As our church gathered in prayer yesterday as our friend, brother, and protector hung onto life, a precious young girl next to me sobbed and begged God to let her take his place so that he could live.
My spirit was smote within me at yet another example of true love and self sacrifice.
Would you lay down your life for another?!

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