Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Happy Greetings to everyone! So many things are changing around here! The leaves are changing, the weather is always changing it's mind, the time is about to change, and soon the season will be changing yet again.

Another change to a previous post is that my surgery has been postponed for financial reasons. My insurance deductable has to be met first, before they can do the procedure on me. Thank you for praying for me, and just keep praying that God will supply this need in His time and will.
School is barrelling along for us, my work has been reactivated so that I am usually working every week on something, and Ted is always loaded up with work.

Ted was put on some medicine for his diabetes, and he started taking it while he was sick with a cold/flu virus. It was the most miserable 2 weeks of his life. This week he took himself off of it, and things are getting back to normal. He continues to check his blood sugar levels at various times, and is finding what is causing problems. He still hopes to get back on the medicine to see if it will settle down and do what it's supposed to do.

Just wanted to send birthday greetings to my sister-in-law Jen, and my brother Jonathan.

We hope you will enjoy this season of change.

Before I sign off, let me urge you to pray for our friends in British Columbia, Canada. Tami was in a serious car accident, and is still in critical condition. Please remember her in your prayers, for physical AND spiritual healing.

Love y'all

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