Thursday, July 28, 2011

I go to the Rock Who is higher then I

My heart is so full right now, I am not even sure how to write this post. This month has been super busy with work and camp, and the usual weekly frenzy of the spinning hamster wheel. Our church services have been amazing each and every one, and the Lord always gives me exactly what I need from His Word. Two dear men in our church are close to going Home to Heaven. In fact, one just crossed over this morning to the glorious shores of Home. I was very busy at work and tried to not think about it. This special man sat next to me nearly every service and there was a sweet bond of fellowship between us. As I sit here thinking about his impact on my life and the conversations we shared and the sadness or losing loved ones together, my heart breaks a bit more. I have been missing Momma so much this month and now with Br. Mike passing, and Br. Arnold about to step on Shore as well, I keep wondering how many more, how much longer, can I hold on? I cry out to God with no words, just a breaking heart. Yet, He brings Psalms to mind, and messages that we have just heard in recent services, and I know He is waiting for me to crawl into His lap and have a good cry and let Him comfort me.
I know His grace, I know His comfort, and I know His peace and I know He has an overwhelming abundant never ending supply. I love the Lord and His mercy to me is untold. So, I will cry my tears of goodbye for now to a special man, I will add more tears to His bottle over Momma, and I will treasure the moments we have left with Br. Arnold.... Most of all, I will go to the Rock Who is higher then I when all I feel like doing is hiding under my blanket and giving up.

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