Saturday, July 2, 2011

My dog has fleas?

I was sitting here this morning, feeling the weight of the immediate world on my shoulders. Trying to grasp the victory in the valley moment I had last night to tide me through. Then, I heard my dog whimper and whine. He might have a flea or it's his summertime skin condition he suffers every year. Unfortunately, I am the one that gives him the much hated baths in an effort to help him. He knows when he is hurting that I am going to try to bathe him. He hates that! So, he would rather whimper and whine and hide away then let me help him feel better. He won't let me near him enough to find out what is causing him such discomfort.
What a spiritual lesson this was to me this morning. So many times we sit and whine and whimper and cry and scratch and bite at our hurts and discomforts because the soothing water of the Word of God or His healing touch seems more painful at the moment. We reject the process of healing because we associate it with pain.
Wow, that feels like a SELAH moment to me....
Do you have fleas?

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