Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Post" It

As teacher of our Super Teen Class in our bus ministry at church I am always looking for ways to help our youth learn about God and also share Him with others. This year's theme has been about telling others about Christ. We have done various projects and challenges to help them to witness. In this digital age with all sorts of social networking sites along with texting capabilities by phone, it's paramount that we utilize these resources when we witness. One of my prayer captains had posted on her blog a special card she had made for her father's birthday. It used various candy to spell out words in her message. The idea inspired me, and God finally let me use it yesterday in our class.

Each prayer group had to make a poster using candy wrappers to spell out a message that could be used as a witness tool. The added challenge wasn't to see who could get sick on all the candy, but who would be willing enough to "POST" their posters on their social networks, or send the picture by phone to someone else. They had alot of fun eating candy and creating their own team messages with the candy wrappers. I took a picture of each one and will post it here as my way of helping them get their message about Christ out to my own sphere of the world.

First we have the boys and their short sweet message:

Next we have the poster that was created by our first group of girls(their prayer captain is the one who planted the idea in my head).

Thirdly, the second group of girls went straight for the Scripture and spelled out this verse using letters from all the candy wrappers. The last part " It's up 2 U" reminds us all that it's a choice to accept or reject Christ, to Live for Him or not, and to tell others about Him.

It's up to us to witness... are you "Posting" about Christ?

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