Monday, September 24, 2012

More Monday Musings

Why is it that I seem to post more on Mondays then any other day of the week? Probably because I am still meditating on the lessons of the past week and the message from church the day before.
Things get really hectic especially if I don't stop and decide what is important and what can wait until later. You can call this procrastination or prioritizing depends on how you value your time and your worth.
Today, I earnestly desired to do first what I knew was most important, and God made it happen for me. I thanked Him for helping me to stay sane today, in spite of how busy it was projected to be.

I came home with the beginnings of a migraine though, and the need for a nap. Many of you know that my surgery 2 years ago decreased the major migraines I used to suffer from due to abnormal hormone levels. Every once in awhile I will get a migraine again, and as they have recalled the medicine I used to take, I have to nearly overdose on something that just takes forever to work. This leaves me feeling ill and even more sleepy and just rough! I did manage to get alot of laundry started and finally was able to get off the couch to eat some supper. My headache is back down to a dull roar although the nausea hasn't gone away yet.

James is at college tonight working on his Associates in Bible degree. Justin mowed the yard, grilled his own supper, and is now watching a funny movie(he is laughing alot and exclaiming over different parts, so it must be good). Please pray that both will follow God's leading in jobs and decisions. James is hoping for more hours on his job, and Justin is trying so hard to just get a job!
Ted is working hard as usual and is fighting the respiratory infection that is sweeping across the community.

The Lord has directed my devotional time to the book of Daniel... I am looking forward to what He wants to show me. I normally start at the beginning of the book, but so far He has had me skipping around in the chapters. It's intriguing!

Our Super Teens class is starting at the Beginning, I can't believe how much I am learning. It feels as if I had somehow just skimmed through Creation without realizing just how much I seemed to have missed over all these years of "knowing all about it".

Well, this seems to be the extent of my mostly coherent thought process.
See you next time... probably on a Monday, months later LOL.

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