Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nuggets of Hope

Last month, we found out that an upcoming burden was NOT going to be easily resolved in the way we had hoped. In fact, Plan A and Plan B both fell through with an overwhelming "thud"! Once again I fell to the knees of my heart in desperation and "wrestled" with God about the issue. God does NOT owe us anything, and we can't demand that He take care of this need. With my struggle and daily worry, I finally asked God to just remind me that He has this taken care of for us. As I prayed for His will whatever that might entail, He has on a daily basis give me reminders of His care for us.

Sometimes, it's a verse in my devotions, a thought from a message on the radio as I drive to work, it even came in a friend's email one day. Every time I go to church, God has given me a passage or nugget of hope to hang onto including last night. Just His faithfulness in caring about my concern has showed me that although I have no way of knowing how this situation will be taken care of, He knows what He is doing. He cares that I am worried.
How can I express my peace from God above to those of you that have never felt those nuggets of hope that He shares with His child when burdens seem so overwhelming?
You may scoff and say that I am looking for hope wherever I can find it and grasping at straws. No, these have been very obvious words from my Heavenly Father when I felt so overcome by worry and stress. It's in the pits of despair that they have come to me, when I wasn't looking for hope-because it just seemed that no matter what we did nothing was going to work.
It has been very evident that if this burden is to be taken care of, then it will only be by the miraculous hand of God. We have tried everything we could possibly think of and nothing worked. Just this journey to the deadline, learning to listen when God speaks has brought me hope.
Nuggets of hope are more precious then gold....

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