Monday, April 29, 2013

Mind Boggling?

Today is our official last day of vacation. What started out last week as a "stay-cation" turned into a full blown week of wind, waves, and wooing.
Last Tuesday evening while eating out, we decided we were going to go away instead of staying home. We tossed around the idea of Gatlinburg, TN, but had just gone there for a quick trip a few weeks earlier. I had wanted to go to the ocean again since October, but just did not think it would happen. Ted quickly took matters in hand and made reservations for a hotel on Myrtle Beach. We had a splendid drive to the coast and checked in to a hotel that was way above our expectations! We walked into the suite, took in the view of the surf crashing onto the shore, and promptly extended our reservation for another night!!! What a wonderful week of fishing, shopping, dining, walking, exploring new places, and celebrating our 21 years of love and life lessons.

Yesterday at church, about 20 people got saved and assurance of salvation. These are people who have been church members and have been faithful and involved nearly their whole lives!
First, it makes you check up on your own salvation status, but secondly it boggles the mind that someone would either be satisfied for so long trying to pretend to be a Christian or "religious" without knowing FOR SURE! My heart aches for those others who just want to go to church and make others think they are saved and going to Heaven. In their desire to appear righteous, they are just sitting in filthy rags. I even know some who are NOT saved and seem to have no desire to be saved, yet will come to church and activities as if it's just part of their social life.

How I yearn for the light of God's truth to shine into their foolish minds blinded in darkness.

Do YOU know for sure that you are going to Heaven? How do you know?

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