Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Prayer Changes Things

There has been soooo much on my mind since my last post. I even went through what seemed like a mini-depression. Fortunately, God has amazing ways through His Word, and our church and His Holy Spirit to pull me out of the wallowing pit of despair that I plunged into. Since then, I am not stressed about the financial burden we have looming over us, I have committed Ted's job situation over to Him, and I have embraced the fact that someone prayed me into this position of employment. To know that you are put into places and positions for reasons where people need you and want you is humbling, but invigorating. I do not have God's big picture, but I can sure see how things are falling into place that will bring honor and glory to Him.
So, on this beautiful spring day, I want to shout to the Lord and thank Him for answered prayer and His peace that passes all understanding.

"Oh yes, I know prayer changes things,
When I was down on the stormy, raging sea,
I was lonely, sick, and full of misery,
But along came the Savior, and I know He rescued me,
That's how I know, yes, I know prayer changes things, changes things."
(adapted from the Robert Anderson song of the same title)

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