Monday, June 24, 2013


This blog has been around for a few years, and although I only know of a few people that read it periodically, it has helped to know that in some way, somehow our spiritual journey may still be a help and blessing to anyone that needs it.

I was going to write this post this morning, but thought I would wait to see what transpired at the funeral today and to see what more came to mind after that. I have a feeling that I need to write this post a little bit at a time until I know it says what God wants it to say.

My thoughts are so raveled together that I feel almost unraveled. What?? Can you tell I have so much on my mind that I just don't know where or how to begin?

This half of the year has been filled with weddings and graduations. Each event is a transition into another phase of life's journey. Another thing that happens with life is also death. This week a precious saint of God went home after a 6 month battle with stage 4 cancer. As I was getting ready for the service yesterday and thinking that she was spending Father's Day for the first time in Heaven with her Heavenly father and her earthly father I thought of the phrase - she just transitioned. It was an easy passing from one reality into the next. As our Pastor brought forth the sermon highlighting her burden for the lost and her bright testimony, he too brought out the term "transition".

It is now exactly a week later after I started this post. I found that I just could not process all that was going through my mind and all that was happening in our family life and work at the same time. I shelved this post until I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. So, how did I manage to accomplish that feat? Well, Ted and I went off to the mountains for a couple of days to rest and relax. That first night as we sat on our hotel balcony looking over the rippling brook, I felt the first essence of peace come over me. The Lord and I communed many times together overlooking that creek, and He helped me transition through yet another death and the ongoing issue with Momma Birt.
God has graciously and abundantly answered prayer about Momma Birt and she is doing so much better.
Praise the Lord, Hallelujah! What a Savior!

Two scenarios run through my mind about the recent funerals, one of them the granddaughter was inconsolable.. I wanted to hug her close and tell her that her grandmother was in Heaven by her testimony and that she too could go there too through salvation. The second scenario was my own niece at the funeral of Mrs. Marla last week, she could not tear herself away from watching them close the casket. She was so upset, with her quiet sobs tearing her apart. She may be young, but she clearly remembers them taking Momma away in the casket too, and I know that brought back so many memories of that time. This time, I was able to hug this child close and reassure her that we would all see each other again in Heaven as Abby had accepted the Lord as her Savior. She only knows that when that casket closes, she never sees that person again on earth. I held her tight as the church service began, and she cried herself to sleep.
Our faith grows as we grow in the Lord. It takes the faith of a child to accept salvation, but our faith needs to grow so that we can face life and death as it happens. Thank God for His living AND dying grace!
Yesterday, I received news that a wonderful preacher has also just passed away, he was so close and precious to our church and my heart missed him. His funeral will be later this week. He is with his Lord and Savior and those precious saints who have already gone HOME throughout the ages.
All of this is the very picture of what transition means.

While checking over some mechanics of this blog, I looked over the comments through the years.... this blog has transitioned as well. It has highlighted our ups and downs or in essence our mountains and valleys. I do not know how much longer we will be here on this earth, so let me urge you again, Please meet me at Jesus' feet!

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