Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What's for Dinner?

In my previous post entitled "Transitions" I had thought a few times to mention this stage of transition that I am going through as well, but when I sat down to finish posting it stayed raveled inside my brain.
Another transition you should go through as a Christian in your walk with God is graduating from milk to meat. For years and years, I felt that although I had been on this journey a long time I just didn't feel like I was maturing much past the simple milk passages of Scripture. With much earnest prayer, I stepped out and asked God to help me start delving into the meat of the His Word and applying deeper principles to my life. With this intent in mind, I found that He directed me in my devotions to passages that had to be meditated upon and chewed over. Instead of reading a whole chapter, I would often find myself pondering over just a few thoughts in each chapter. Those thoughts have stuck with me, and God has used them in my daily life.
On that note let me give you an illustration. We had steak for Father's Day, when steak is cooked right, it melts in your mouth and is easy to chew. When steak is the wrong cut or not prepared correctly you end up chewing and chewing and ultimately have to choke it down or spit it out. God's Word is digestible for whatever stage you are in, but when you find that you can enjoy the steak of the Word then you know you are starting to grow into that next level where God wants you to journey with Him.
Milk, it does a body, good... but.... Where's the beef???

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