Monday, September 2, 2013

Floating Rocks

Today was my first day with the new company. I swam the best I could, but many times I thought I would float like a rock. (I heard that today after work at a Labor Day picnic with friends and family, it made so much sense I just had to use it for this post!) I do not know what God has in store for me, with this position or anything after. I had a long text session with my Kudzu Mother who again reminded me to keep swimming and to remember that the Everlasting Arms are holding me up. I will cling to the Rock of Ages, and try to keep my eyes on Him or I will end up like a pebble at the bottom of the ocean!

If tomorrow comes, Ted will see his doctor, Justin will go to Charlotte with the Recruiter to take a huge test before he decides if he wants to commit to the military, James will continue job hunting (pray for him, losing yet another job has again taken a toll on his confidence- this learning curve is hard on younguns), and I will have day 2 of learning to swim, or tread water.....

Blessed, but stressed....


Kristi said...

Rebecca, I have NO doubt you will do a fantastic job at your new job. You're a smart cookie and catch on fast. :)
Justin, before you sign up for ANYTHING make sure you get the job you want in writing, if you do choose to join the military, which I strongly discourage. Please consider whose military you will be in. There will be things that you will be expected to do that your Christian beliefs will be against. It is already happening. That being said, I am praying you continually seek God's face in this decision. I love you!
And to James, don't give up! Jobs are hard to find and hard to keep. Keep your chin up. God has something for you.
And Brother Ted... The Great Physician is on your case. You'll be back to your old self in no time.


Ted Corriveau said...

I'd rather be back to my Younger self :) But thanks for the consolations!

Anonymous said...

I'm still seeking the Lord's will in the military aspect. There are, according to the Staff Seargent, 30 jobs as of now that are open to me. With the score I got on the ASFAB test in Charlotte thats how many jobs I could train for immediately. I'm waiting on God's timing. I haven't fully committed to joining, but I am praying for God's will. If He says go I'm going. If He says no, I'll look somewhere else for a better job or whatever God wants.