Monday, September 23, 2013

How each piece fits in the puzzle

As a child I grew up with puzzles, usually relegated to the frame because it was the easiest to piece together. Many times we would agonize over where each piece fit and often had to walk away "puzzled" only to return to try again. In the last 20 years, God has blessed me with a variety of jobs that just seemed like puzzle pieces that did not fit in any particular puzzle.

I mentioned in my previous post that a new opportunity was presented to me, and I was praying about it. Let me brag on God, this is HIS doing, and none of me. When the door closed at my office job about a year ago, I was seriously in doubt if I had even been doing God's will at the time. Resigning my position there was definitely God's will, and He opened the door for me to be an answer to someone's prayer in the retail world. When that store closed, I was presented with 3 positions also in the retail field, and I prayed for the one that God would have me to choose. I was adamant that I did not want to work many Sundays or Wednesdays as that was very important for me to be in church. God immediately closed the doors to the positions that required - no demanded EVERY Sunday! This left me with the large retail store that was CLOSED on Sundays!

I giggle thinking about how obvious it was to me and to God as to which one I should choose. The only question left was.. "Did they want to hire me?!" God was already moving the puzzle pieces around on His table and shifting things around in my life. Three weeks ago, I was hired part time at that large retail store and began to learn my way around there. I confess I struggled with not being with my manager from LB, and the large store was a bit much to get used to. Every day I went to work, I prayed and prayed. Many various prayers, because at the time I still did not want to even have to work. I finally just poured my heart out to God and like I do with every job, I jumped in and did my very best while I was there. Many times I was able to pray for a coworker or customer and, or offer encouragement.

(When Justin started his process of deciding if he wanted to join the military, I strongly begged him to make sure it was God's will as I did not want him to be in doubt like I had been at this time last year. He looked at me and said that maybe God would find a way to put what I had learned in my previous job with what I was doing now. That maybe it had been God's will for me to be there at the office and then go into retail. I agreed that with God it could be possible, but I could not see it. These two different fields just did not seem to go hand in hand. I had puzzle pieces, but wasn't sure if they went in the same puzzle!)

Two weeks into the position, trying hard to just be usable and a blessing, the store manager approached me with some vague questions about my computer skills. She mentioned there might be a position in the corporate office opening up that I might qualify for. I did not think overly much about this although I did speak with Ted about it. Since it would be a full time position that would change the dynamics of what had been my work schedule for the last 3 years. He encouraged me to accept it, should it ever be presented to me. Again, I just went ahead and did my thing, praying that I would learn the different aspects of my job and be usable.

Barely 3 weeks into the new job, a manager came up to me telling me that the VP from the corporate office wanted to interview me within the hour! Now I had met this man on various occasions, but did not realize that he was the executive vice president!! In fact, one day he even helped bag merchandise as I checked out customers on a very busy day. I admit it was a good thing that I did not have time to stew over an interview, nor did I have to worry about how I had acted around this man as I treated him with the respect that I give to everyone - young or old.

We sat down and had a great interview and I walked back to work somewhat in a daze still wondering why I was even being considered and thanking God just for the honor of being interviewed! So that brings us up to now. The VP said he would let me know in a week's time.... well, before the week was even over, he brought me to his office again. This time he told me that the position was mine if I would accept it.
Praise the LORD!!

This position will tie in my office skills and my retail skills into a wonderful mix that only God could put together! Justin is not a prophet nor the son of prophet, but I am so glad God spoke through him to prepare me for the beautiful picture God is making of my jumbled life. I begin my position October 7th! I will have 2 months of training and then I will be in charge of taking care of the duties required to help the company expedite their services. This is a career not just a job. I will be at this position either until the rapture, retirement, or redirection from God.
Ted and I are so humbled that God would bless us so abundantly in this way. I will have Sundays off, but I won't work any nights or Saturdays! This answers every single prayer I had concerning working outside the home! Isn't God AMAZING!!!

James goes tomorrow to take his test in Charlotte to see if he qualifies for military service. He says based on how he does, he will then decide what he will do. Justin is nearly close to signing his enlistment papers.
I could be the mother of two military men and working in a brand new career all at the same time.

Ted saw the plastic surgeon today and his hand surgery is scheduled for October 1. I wanted to get it out of the way before my full time position started. He too is way too busy to keep postponing the needed procedure to help him heal faster.

With all the spinning on the hamster wheel, I took time today to get housework started, bought a new book, took a nap, listened to some wonderful praise music and cook my husband's favorite dish for supper. God will give me time to be the wife and mother He wants and still work full time. I will let Him figure it out.. it's HIS puzzle!

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Trisha Sander said...

Hello! I've been reading your blog for about a month now. I think this is the first time I'll be commenting. Wonderful news about the new job! We'd all be better off if we could simply learn to move out of God's way and let him do the driving, so to speak. Congratulations!