Sunday, September 8, 2013

Learned Lessons

It's been a week of challenges for us here at Mountains and Valleys. Tuesday was a good day at work, and I truly did enjoy being there. Wednesday I was supposed to have off, but they were short handed and asked me to come in. It was NOT a good day, I was so close to tears, I just sat in the break room and prayed! I still wonder if part of the problem was that I really wanted and needed a day off and just was not in the right mood to be at work? I did have Thursday off and spent the day helping my previous boss and mentor do her job hunting and realizing how great we had it at our previous place of employment.

Friday, I prayed hard and I KNOW someone was praying for me too because it was a much better day then Wednesday, and I did not feel like crying. Thank you to all who prayed for me, I desperately needed it.
Saturday, we had bus ministry and my heart yearned for all the teens in my class who hear the Word of God, but they seem to have such stony hearts. My heart aches for them and for those who chose not to come.

Saturday night, I was placed into the second position for which I was hired and I had a great time! I really enjoyed that part of the job of being out on the floor and learning the department responsibilities!

So what did I learn from this week?
Lesson 1 - I will have good days and bad days
Lesson 2- My attitude may have alot to do with how my day goes
Lesson 3- I have to be thankful for this job even if I really don't want to be working
Lesson 4- Praying always gets an answer from my Heavenly Father - I won't quit- I hope you wont either!
Lesson 5- Oh and the next time I remember to take my Kudzu Momma's advice "Just Breathe", I should make sure I am not driving over a skunk at the same time! God has a sense of humor and I am so glad I could laugh between gasps!

On the masculine side of things, Justin scored high on his official test and is now interviewing family and friends who are or were in the military to get the nitty gritty of what he should expect. He is no closer to a decision then he was before.

James is still actively seeking a job and needs your prayers as he is feeling the weight and worry of this situation.

Ted had a very good report from his doctor on Tuesday. If he can continue what he is doing he can be diabetes free! He was also referred to a wound specialist for his finger. He saw that doctor on Friday. His wound is clean and healing, but he will need to have therapy and weekly visits to ensure that it stays that way. It will take a long time to completely heal since he burned off so many layers of skin.

Lord, make me a blessing and help me to be a beacon of light and truth for you this week.

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