Saturday, November 9, 2013

Bucket List

Ever have a day that you suddenly got to do something you never thought you would get to do?

Ted's brother Tim called last night to see if Ted and the guys wanted to go see a football game that he had tickets to in Wake Forest. I piped up and said.. "I want to go!"

It turns out that only Ted and I were able to go with Tim today. I have not been to a football game in real life since my Dad took me to see the Big Red play at Cornell when I was probably in junior high. I am not an avid sports fan because I prefer to see the game played in real life and not on tv at the mercy of the cameraman. I was a ready fan of the Dallas Cowboys back when they had the praying coach(Tom Landry) and of course the Dream Team and the Chicago Bulls. After those classic years I just lost interest. Ted has never been huge on sports until lately so the football game is seen more often on our tv then it used to.

The actual chance to go to a game with free tickets and spend a day completely away with Ted and totally out of the normal was a chance I did not want to pass up! Now, this will sound like bragging, but really it's a blessing.... My sister in law works at a bank and the president of the bank had these "extra" tickets he wasn't going to use. He asked Tim if they wanted them. Now these tickets were NOT just your average bleacher seats like I had expected. Oh No, these were Club seats!! as in nice comfortable cushioned seats with cup holders up near the Box seats!!! I found out later that they cost $300 per ticket!!!!! That's right we got free tickets to exclusive seating at a real live football game!

Now, it was the Wake Forest Demon Deacons(anyone with that name is not on my cheering roster) and the Florida State Seminoles(a team that I had cheered on a year ago for some unknown reason). I was sitting in Wake Forest Club seats cheering on the opposing team! Needless to say the deacons were trounced, and we ended up leaving about 5 minutes before the last buzzer. I had wanted to see the whole thing, but Tim and Ted were not happy with Wake Forest only have 3 pts in the entire game. They were trying to be loyal to our state team.

We drove back to Tim and Jen's and decided to go out to eat. The town they live in is growing rapidly but the restaurant selection is still limited. They mentioned a restaurant that Ted used to tell me he wanted to take me to someday(20 years ago when we lived in that town and James was a baby!). I have always wanted to see what it was like since Ted wanted to take me there. I had to wait 2 decades, but we went tonight! The food was very good, and the time spent with family was incomparable!

So IF I had a bucket list, I could definitely cross off two things that might have appeared on that list.
A real live football game watching my team win while sitting in expensive comfortable seats, and then going to a restaurant that I have always wanted to eat at.....
Definitely a Saturday to remember!

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Joy of Unhappiness said...

Thank You for sharing this story in your Blog. I have started an actual Bucket list so I don't forget everything I hope to do. I may have to start with a Done list 1st!