Monday, November 25, 2013

Life as We Know It

Many of you probably know that I am old fashioned for the most part, sentimental, nostalgic, and romantic. This year has been a journey of learning to adjust to new things and being ever flexible. From working part time to now having a full time career, and my two boys turning into soldiers bound for the unknown. The only constant has been church and family. I do miss the days of having more time with the family, and even more free time to just gallivant around town, or slipping out of town with my Man. As the time nears for the boys to leave for Basic Training, we are trying to treasure the little moments. We had hoped that this would be a Thanksgiving spent together, but the boys will have to work different schedules.... so Christmas has become even more special. Our little family is working to make this a Christmas to remember. I want them to have memories to take with them, that will last them when they want to give up.
Will I miss them? Of course!!! I will miss their conversations, their presence, and especially their strength for the heavy lifting. Our lives as we know it will change drastically. There are many things I won't be able to do without them. I am already going to have to adjust our living space and accouterments so that I can take care of things without any help.

Next year, if the Lord should tarry, will unfold even more changes. Life as We Know It always changes, each day is different, and we are NOT promised tomorrow. So, although I miss how life USED to be, I want to make the most of what LIFE will BE for as long as I am here.

BTW Happy Birthday to Cheyenne. Oh, and Rachel.. I see you when I look in the mirror.... it keeps you in my mind's eye :) Love you Sis!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

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RETA said...

May you have a Merry Christmas with your family. We treasure each day - a gift from God and trust Him for tomorrow. Thanks for writing.