Tuesday, January 21, 2014

If you knew...

If you knew that the time with your loved ones was short, would you do anything different? Would you value and treasure those loved ones and the time you have left? With both boys leaving next month we have taken to making the most of the time we have left. Many times due to sickness or death we have no warning and live with regrets about the lost time we chose not to take together. This is neither sickness nor death thank the Lord, but it's still a time to treasure and make the most of as a family.
Justin had his last day of work last Wednesday, and Thursday we packed up the family for a "last" vacation. We ended up in Gatlinburg at a beautiful hotel high on a mountain peak. We were on the 12th floor--- yikes!!! We saw snow and even got caught out walking in it. We chronicled our time together with photos and just really enjoyed being together and having fun.
I have posted one of our photos, but it's really the last one in a sequence of 10 quick snapshots that Ted took, each of us have different expressions, especially the boys. Ted has posted them on his Google page it's like looking through an old fashioned cartoon flip-book.

James turned in his notice at work today, but they have cut his hours even more, so he has decided that his last day will be this Saturday instead of the 31st. We will all get together as a family this Saturday evening and have a family dinner and then friends will come to bid them Godspeed in their future endeavors.
Both boys are working on getting their rooms packed up, although we are not pushing them out of the nest or being terribly bossy about the process.
Ted and I both resumed a busy workload after just a few days off, and I am exhausted. I came home to find Ted in the bed feeling sick. I was going to attend a Ladies Meeting at church tonight where my Sister in Love was the speaker, but I did not want to leave Ted alone. Justin went to the store for me, and has just now returned. James is working, so I am sitting here keeping an ear out for Ted and wondering if I am missing anything from the meeting.

Birthday Greetings to Ken, Tim, DJ, my mother, and James. James turns 21 tomorrow!!!!

Well, my husband is up eating some soup, but not feeling himself. James is on his way home from work, Justin is cleaning up my kitchen for me. I'm coming down with a headache and realizing that my priorities right now is just staying home taking care of hearth and home.

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