Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Hunt Begins

Monday, Justin leaves for the Army. He has finished his pre-training classes, his last PT will be tomorrow, and he has managed to flip our blue bomb into oblivion and walk away without a scratch. Maybe you didn't catch that obscure reference, but due to the snowy ice storm we had yesterday, Justin flipped our trusty, sturdy car that the boys have totaled twice already, and while Justin walked away absolutely unharmed, the car is off to the scrap yard. We praise God for His safety and protection during the weather yesterday. Thankful to the bystanders who pulled Justin out of the wreckage unscathed.

Today, due to the weather conditions, they closed down my office, so while James is working on finishing his classes for pre-lim basic training, Ted is working on taxes, Justin is cleaning out the last of his room, I am packing and sorting.....
With the boys leaving we need to control our cost of living by downsizing. We were pre-approved for a house loan last weekend! This is the first time we have ever been approved to start looking for a house!!! So the Hunt Begins.... yes, I am already packing because a move will be inevitable. We have not found a house yet that we know is THE one. Alot of prayer will go into that decision and alot of planning and careful research.
Please pray for the boys.

On another prayerful note, my missionary friend I mentioned in a previous post is unable to return to the mission field due to ongoing health issues. Not only has she lost her mother, but now she has lost her place of ministry. Please pray for Joann.

Thirdly, Ted's fellow District manager that we have known for over a decade, lost his wife a month before Christmas, then his father died, and now his stepson has passed away, all of them suddenly. Please pray for Russell, his salvation, and comfort.

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